Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Want to see inside my tardis?

Most of you know I just bought a new house. Among the highlights are the gigantic closets, the toilet with two buttons (Moo can teach you to press the one drop button for "pee" and the two drop button for "pootay"), and of course, the Tardis in the basement.
Hold up, did you say Tardis?
Uh, yeah, you mean you don't have one?!
Okay, so truth be told I have never seen a single episode of Dr. Who (depending on which friend you are, you are either appalled or proud). However I LOVE geekery in general and so am known to get small tears of joy when, say, I see a librarian with Tardis earrings or, as was the case while purchasing our home, an inspector refers to our new shower as a tardis.
But I have to say what is even better than the "Tardis" categorization of the facility is what you find when you slide open the door.
When I was presented with the possibility of reviewing Pura d'or hair care products I stalled. I am the type of person who combines coupons and sales to get shampoo and conditioner cheap. Free cheap. And I don't have to waste time on a review for that.
But there was something different about this product. It is made with argan oil. Remember my post about argan oil? I totally fell for the stuff, Slathering my skin and doing irresponsible things like posting naked photos of my less crusty feet on the internet. But I had yet to try it in my hair.
Plus this Pura d'or is formulated specifically for those with thinning hair. My stylist has informed me that I have A LOT of hairs, they are just super fine, but I still worry about the disappearance of hair that comes with age for most of us.
So I moved forward with the review.
I received the product right when we were moving so packed it up for my first shower in the new house. Well I'm in the new house, and let me tell you I. AM. SOLD.
Pura d'or sent me a shampoo, conditioner and small bottle of pure argan oil.
The Pura D'or shampoo is from their "hair loss prevention therapy line" and boasts that it helps not just with 'thinning hair' but also with 'excessive shedding.' If you have every had a baby you know what that is about! Post partum hair loss is scary! You have a baby and have to deal with loss of your personal identity AND loss of your hair. Ugh, dang Eve and her apple!
With the first pump of shampoo you will notice the earthly delicious scent of the shampoo and likely wonder if they sell perfume and candles. The smell is so original and invigorating. It smells like something my sister would wear (if you know her you know this is a compliment!). I flipped around to the back and this shampoo is FILLED with pronouncable goodness. Coconut, tea tree, I think the scent may come from the Cedarwood, sage, and lemon oils. The shampoo itself is thick and substantial and leaves your hair feeling clean but not stripped.  It is organic certified, cruelty free(no animal testing) and contains No parabens. I have used it for only a week, but have noticed that each time I clean the drain of the Tardis (post shower) there is less and less hair to clean up. In fact, when I glimpsed at the drain after my shower tonight, the hair or two I saw made it not seem worth my while to bend over and clean it (sorry Ogre). I am excited to see this slowing of hair loss translate to a fuller looking head of hair. The shampoo states that it is a typical three month supply, which should give me a pretty good feel for the effectiveness of the product, and thankfully there is satisfaction guaranteed.
The Premium organic conditioner I received is a lavender vanilla scent. This too is organic certified, cruelty free(no animal testing) and contains No parabens. It also has a heavenly smell. Really both these products are the type you use and think, "my family better not use this!" You want to savour its decadence. Either that or buy it for every lady you know!
The conditioner is thick. I use two pumps and even so I can turn my hand over and the conditioner stays right there in my palm. Again rinsing out the conditioner did not seem to delete my hair.
Overall my hair felt strengthened, my scalp felt rejuvenated and my senses felt spoiled after my Pura D'or experience.
* I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*


  1. Thank you for posting the picture of the Tardis. My curiosity is now satiated. All I want to do after reading this post is go out and buy this product, but alas, I have three bottles of different shampoos in my shower currently and one more might send Ryan over the edge. I will try to remember to revisit this one when one bottle is depleted.

  2. I have a sign up sheet to use my shower. I can put your name after my sister's Laura