Friday, March 6, 2015

Giving Strangers Sunshine

Moving to a busy urban street has given my family a lot of time to people watch this past week. The break dancer on the corner was by far my fave!

Two days ago a car slowed outside our house and a man kept hopping in and out trying to manually push his car to the curb. The kids stared slack jawed at him out the window. They were still in their pajamas and half way through breakfast. I wanted to rush out and help the man but had to get the kids on board. They agreed we should help and rushed fast as ever to get ready. As they struggled with coat zippers I saw the man wander away gas can in tow.

Now there was nothing left for us to help out with, or was there something?

I had a bag of candies I was going to bring to my work (Lifesavers!) And the kids got fast to work.

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