Sunday, March 29, 2015

Packing Organizer Review

My brother in law travels a lot for his work. When he is working from home I know my sister in law would not let him leave the house looking a fool (she, unlike me, has that aesthetic eye), but what about when he is hundreds of miles away? Just getting off a plane for an important meeting?

It was with him in mind that I ordered the Dot & Dot 15 inch packing organizer. It arrived in a custom sized plastic zip sleeve which is great to store it in when not in use. With the amount we travel I would be concerned that it become dusty, so would use the zip sleeve to keep it from getting dusty and possibly getting my clothes dusty. The sleeve isn't the highest quality but it serves its purpose.

The packing folder IS of good quality though, and perfect for those of us who never worked retail. By that I mean that it comes with folding instructions with pictures! Folding for Dummies! I love it. The pictures show what I believe to be a man's dress shirt being folded.

Now, my brother in law is a decent size guy. A midwesterner. I just heard a comedian from Cali doing a bit on what it is like doing live comedy in Minnesota and he refered to us as milk fed giants. Not sure if we really are that big up here, but my brother in law does have the stature for manual labor. Only he doesn't do manual labor, he is a entrepeneur. An extrepeneur who needs his clothes to be wrinkle free. I am not certain that the 15 inch packing folder was the right size for him. I will try one of my husband's dress shirts and if that leaves a bit of extra room then I will feel confidant giving this to my brother in law. Otherwise I may hold on to it until one of my girl friends gets a new job where travel is required. It would be a perfect congratulations gift for that. Or maybe The Ogre will get his way and we will plan a trip soon. Our eleventh anniversary is coming up soon and we have yet to take our dream ten year trip, plus he really wants to make it out to New York to visit my cousins. So do I, of course, I just cringe at airfare.

How about you, who would you give this packing folder to? Or would you have use for this yourself?

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