Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thermalabs self tanner review

Swimsuit season is just around the corner and I am pasty as ever!  In discussions with friends over which is more aesthetically pleasing the majority of us have agreed that the biggest concern is not extra weight for the average lady, but rather the translucent skin that the Midwest winters seem to nourish so well.

This summer I have a bit extra to love.  I  try to deny it, but then something happens like Moo poking at my hip and asking "mommy milk?" She calls breasts "mommy milks" or more precisely "mummy muks" so this is her sweet way of asking if I am growing an extra pair of boobs on my hips.  "Uh, no honey,  that's just fat, " distract.distract. distract.

Anyhow I am less than (more than? ) waifish this summer so I might as well make all this extra cushion look good as I pile on the ice cream cones. 

I received a good sized bottle of Thermalabs self tanner awhile back.  I let my friend Crista use it before her trip to Hawaii and she liked the results so I thOught I would go ahead and grease the pig  (yeah, that's French for lotioning myself)

I  wanted to give everyone a good picture of how well it worked so I only applied it on my right leg.  I  applied it twice.  The first time I  Was careful.  I  smoothed it on evenly and didn't rush my clothes on over it.  It smells like cocoa butter, a scent I associate with the summer beach.  It goes on smooth and at first you don't notice any change. I give it at least four or five hours or until the next day to really soak in and "tan" my skin.
The results were impressive.  So impressive that the next time I must say I rushed it.  So rushed that when it did change the color of my skin it bronzed my leg but BROWNed my knee, my ankle AND my hand for days!

I would recommend this product for a natural tan, but be reasonable! That is, follow all the usual rules of going easy on the aforementioned places and for heaven's sake wash your hands!

I was given product in exchange for this reviewOpinions expressed are own.

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