Friday, March 20, 2015

A new way to grill veggies


Remember how I really wanted my husband to Keep Up With The Jones Yurceks and so when he told me about a grilling accessory his friend had I got that good idea, bad product grill pan for him? Well, I wasn't ready to give up so I jumped on the opportunity to review this BBQ Grill Liner for him. I thought I might give it to him for his birthday but it has been so nice out and when he mentioned grilling I told him to give it a go.

Honestly when it arrives it isn't all that impressive. It is flat and flexible and both him and my mother were concerned about it holding up to the heat. The package says it can withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees. I offered to give it a test run and, thinking that I would be more likely to start a fire regardless of the grill pan The Ogre took over.
I left for a walk and when the kids and I returned there was The Ogre with a delicious pile of his Grilled Tato Chips. Yummm! AND he didn't burn anything down!

His review went something like this: He thought it might be intended for a charcoal grill and so he was hesitant to put it on the bottom grate (near the flame). He tends to put the veggies on the top anyhow so that worked perfect. He said that the veggies grilled great on there and the only issue with losing veggies to the flame was user error (picture Edward Scissorhands flipping flapjacks and you have a good picture of my husband's coordination).

The best thing about the grill liner? I have a pack of two to give away! 

So enter this contest and grill on my friend...
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  1. Sara, I like to grill and enter contests! So, I am stalking your page to get advice on both!