Saturday, March 7, 2015

Get Your Bike On

The Spring thaw has begun! Get out your galoshes, uncover those tulips and pump up those bicycle tires!

Don't  ride off on that bike just yet! The Ogre is here with his helpful list of bicycle safety tips (okay, actually this is The Thriftess writing, but I  asked The Ogre what gear was needed).

You need a lot of trust to be married to a biker.  The Ogre was ready to bike off  with my babes before they had perfected their latch.  I don't mind though because I know he is doing all that he can to keep it safe. 

Unlike when I was a child all the lil'uns are wearing these now. I wear one (to be a good example for the kids, like eating turnips). We all got super cute Nutcase helmets when Boo was a baby.  Some kids need infant helmets but Boo and Moo had giant heads so the weight of the helmet really made no difference (we had it assessed by the doctor). Plus those infant helmets would not have fit on their ginormous noggins, bless their freakish hearts.

Some bikers wear leather.  Real bikers wear. .. neon yellow reflective gear! The Ogre knows that road safety makes my motor purr, so when I was given the opportunity to review this super awesome (super safe! ) reflective vest I said hells to the yeah! How did I ever let  my babes leave the house with out this? Sloppy parenting,  that's how! The vest is adjustable which is a lovely feature in the unpredictable Midwest.  The Ogre can wear it over a substantial coat these next couple weeks, adjust it when he switches to his hoodie, and adjust it again for his stifling hot middle of July red neck cut off tee. Did somebody say HUNK!?

Really though, The Ogre is very glad to have this vest.  He feels so visible and the vest goes on and off easily.  Important if you are biking around with two short hellions like he tends to.

Ooh, how could I forget that bright orange flag that informs all the wild drivers in my hood that there indeed is something behind the goofball on the bike so don't turn yet!

The Ogre informed me for this article that in Minnesota head lights on bikes are the law. He also stated that a tail light is strongly recommended by "Share The Road"

So come on crew, if you are going to bike (and you KNOW you will as it is so frugal AND fun) then do it safe! Respect eachother and Look Look Look! Assume that car doesn't see you, use common sense and Peddle, Peddle, Peddle forth! 

**You Know the drill... I  was provided product in exchange for my reviewbut 'tis my honest opinion disclosed. **

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  1. East Side cyclists! You should look into James Lockwood for St. Paul City Council. Year-round cyclist with progressive vision of mutli-modal street design.