Saturday, March 28, 2015

Protecting talented hands

My mother in law has done so much with her hands. She is a master seamstress and can whip up Halloween costumes and special outfits with a moment's notice. Most recently she has undertaken some black out roman shades for Moo and Boo's room. A street lamp shines right in their window and we have custom cut cardboard to block it out for the time being. CLASSY!

Knowing how much The Ogre and I procrastinate, let's just say we need these hands to be well protected, otherwise those custom cut cardboard slabs may still be around, slightly frayed at the edges, come two years from now.

But how to show her we value her work? Not to mention how her gentle hands have held our babies and still she hugs, soothes and rocks them to sleep in those arms?

I knew when she oohed and ahhed over my silicone baking gloves that she needed her own pair.

I ordered a pair of SafeT gloves for her on Amazon. They were very similar to mine except a striking orange color. The kind of orange that makes me think she had better hide them from her husband, because although the company claims the gloves are "Great For Campsite, Wood Stove, Baking, Grilling , BBQ, And More" I could totally see him taking that "more" to mean using them for blaze orange camo gear when dear hunting season comes. Gut that dear without breaking a nail, if you know what I mean.

Really though these gloves are tough. Though I am too timid to test it they supposedly are resistant enough to move logs in a camp fire. I think I will save that for the next time some of The Ogre's macho friends are over for a bonfire...and I will definately pull out the camera for that one!

The next time you see my mother in law, don't be surprised if she has bright orange Ernie hands as she threads a needle. After all, those things are sharp!

Question for you: What would you use these gloves for?

**You know the drill. ... I was given free product in exchange for my review. ...all opinions are my own**

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  1. I would use them for cleaning poo out of the tub, as my almost 2 yr old likes to do his business in the tub. 😕