Monday, March 9, 2015

FREE monthly Science Saturday

To everyone living in St Paul with kids (and science lovers from afar): You must check our the First Science Saturdays at the Dayton's Bluff location of  the St Paul public library.

A fellow mom mentioned the event last month where her children had learned about time and made functioning clocks whole having a (educational) blast.

This month The Ogre took Boo while Moo was finishing up a nap. Boo taught me so much when he returned with his very own ecosystem containing two new family members. He had named them but forgot their names.  After being taught that snails blur those silly gender lines I have decided to christen them Yo and Hen, though I suppose since Boo did create their whole universe he gets final say.

The whole thing is oh so reminiscent of the cat collar from Men In Black or the Petri dish from The Simpson's. See, contained within the sealed bottle is a homeostatic world that needs no intervention.  That's right,  my son is a GOD!

Okay,  not quite,  but he is a preschooler who happened to comprehend a good deal of science from this gig. 

Not sure if this happens each time, but he also was filled with yummy snacks and given a high quality children's biology book, a super fun (to a biology dork like me) card game about food chains and various other tchotkes.

Definitely bringing him next month for the microscope lab!

**I could not find this on the SPPL website nor the Metro State website.  Please comment with the link if you know of it, otherwise I photographed the flier. Hope to see you there! **

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