Monday, March 23, 2015

Thriftiness before Ten

An important thing to remember about thriftiness is that every little action ads up. Why do something if it will save you a penny? A buck? Because then you don't have to go out and earn that penny or buck (which costs money to make anyhow!) and get to spend your time doing WHATEVER you want. 

If you are me "whatever you want" is more like whatever the kids want, but hey I made that choice, and they are a pretty entertaining crew to hang out with. 
So, what thrifty activities did I do this morning, prior to Ms Moo's nap? 
Well, we made some muffins from a gluten free cereal mix a friend of mine passed on to us when she went grain free. It called for applesauce and brought us to the bottom of our container.

The container wasn't empty though, not if you held it up to the sun.To get every last drop we measured out the goat milk and poured it into the "empty" applesauce jar. Ms Moo had the pleasure of shaking every last bit of applesauce loose.

Same as this honey. There was no way I could get every last sticky goodness out of it, so I set it on the stove to melt and poured that syrupy sweetness in my muffin batter too. The stove was already on because I had some flat root beer that I was boiling down into root beer syrup in order to make a gluten free variation of these gooey cakes of deliciousness so I figured I may as well use up that heat.
As much as the Ogre hates washing the muffin tin, I knew he wouldn't mind that I made these. I used these great reusable muffin liners. They are silicone, flexible, easy to pop the muffins straight out of and easy to wash. Plus they come in a fun rainbow assortment of colors that the kids love to choose from. This was my second time using them. I made this "healthy" dessert for a gathering last weekend using a bit of leftover wine I had frozen when I knew I wouldn't drink it before it went bad. Of course I froze that in the silicone liners as well before popping them into a reusable baggie ;)

While the muffins cooked I watered the seedlings the kids and I planted with the water I had leftover from making coffee on the stove while Marcella snacked on the dried bananas the Ogre made this weekend from the discounted bananas section at our grocery store. Yum! This was interrupted by our giant delivery from Target. Ding Dong! Here is your next six months of toilet paper! Way to stack the savings!
And this, dear friends, is how I LOVE to spend my mornings!

Eeep! I almost forgot to tell you! I received the cupcake liners in exchange for my review of them. Ciao!


  1. How can I get some free cupcake liners??

    1. I have contacted the company in hopes of a giveaway. Increase my chances of hosting a giveaway by entering my current giveaways ;)

  2. Silicone liners? That is a great idea!