Thursday, March 5, 2015

A drink for my thirsty face

Oh dear this radiant heat is setting me out! Anyone else have the WHEN WILL WINTER STOP!?! dry skin blues?

Perfect time for a moisturizer review. This time I am reviewing Naturaliderm, a high quality organic facial moisturizer.

Before I tell you what I think about Naturaliderm let me tell you what they claim. The bottle says "Highly hydrating. non greasy. Light weight"

I pressed some of this moisturizer onto my hand and it was THICK. I put it on and it was NOT light weight. Not a bad thing, but I was glad it was in the evening, because this was definitely going to be a night cream. I brushed my teeth, tidied the bathroom, glanced back in the mirror...wait, didn't I just put on a rich layer of lotion? It was all soaked in and my skin felt satiated.

It IS light weight after all, or shall I say after five minutes?

The lotion never did feel greasy, just tuck and creamy.

I decided this was the kind of lotion I could apply any time of day and left it out for the next morning. I told you this house is dry, right?

However I never had to put lotion on in the morning. My face was STILL quenched. First time that has happened since moving into this dry house.

Now I am only left wondering one thing, do they make body lotion? I shall have to look into that one

***got this for free in exchange for the review. This is my god honest opinion yo!***

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