Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This old skin, a moisturizing Review

I remember, MANY years back, when my friend Crista made a statement about not really feeling old until you see your face next to your kids face in the mirror. "Pshaw," I thought, "not me, I am young! I have young skin and a young face and I simply cannot relate!"

Well, I lied, times do change. Times change and thoughts change and skin changes. And when the scale tips it happens fast and doesn't go back, until one day you are looking in the mirror wondering why your husband married this old lady and would he do it again, and why do I look so old when I feel so young. Yes, I realize in ten years that I will be looking back thinking, as I always seem to reflect: "It wasn't that bad, NOW it is bad."

Ugh, where was I before this self pity, oh yes, about to review a product that made my outside a bit more youthful, and made my skin feel the way my soul still does, young and free and playful. Can a moisturizer really do all that?

Not quite, but close. Adeline Anti-aging Moisturizer may be the best multi-ingredient moisturizer I have slapped on this face.

The nice thing about the moisturizer is that it softens AND firms.

Usually when a moisturizer firms my skin up, it also tightens my skin, giving me a slight just washed my face with some dry dry soap feel. Not good, not pleasant. Sometimes my skin will look thin and shiny. Then I will reapply ten or twenty minutes later because my skin feels so thirsty. Adeline revives my skin, leaving it supply as it gently hugs the curves of my face.

Even applying Adeline is a treat. It refreshes and soothes. I had to grasp the bottle to verify what was making it such an experience and I believe it is the peppermint.

The application is so refreshing I use the moisturizer twice per day!

**I was compensated with product in exchange for this review, however all opinions are my unbiased own**

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