Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This syrup is anything but simple!

I worked from home this morning so there wasn't as much time for my thrifty  activities. Still I did manage to fit a few in.

I wrote my first mortgage payment for our new house. I was lucky enough to have some extra cash on hand and I paid to 2016 on the amortization schedule. This left me feeling really good and I hope in the next few months I will be able to get all the way to 2017. (See this post where I discuss paying ahead on the amortization schedule: http://athriftlifewelllived.blogspot.com/2015/02/before-you-buy-that-house.html?m=1

While prepping lunch I found a half full bag of dried up baby carrots in the refrigerator. They weren't fresh but they were not bad. I knew that the kids wouldn't want to eat them raw so I threw them in a pan of water and boiled them a bit to add some moisture to serve as a side with lunch. Both Moo and Boo had two servings, as did I. You can bet I will be watering the seedlings with the water left in the pan!

While Moo was napping the doorbell rang. It was a postal worker delivering a package as usual. Today the package was from Blue Henn (http://www.bluehenn.com), a new company my friend Gina told me about. They are local and owned by two women. WIN WIN!  I was their 100th facebook "like" so I received a free bottle of their tonic syrup. Looks like I know what we will be drinking at the next book club! Now I just need to pick up some gin or vodka and some club soda. I guess I will combine my errands and pick those up when I finally drop off the keg from our party a couple weeks ago. Have to get that deposit back!

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