Friday, January 30, 2015

When life gives you limes DO This!

Quite awhile ago I had TWO more limes than I knew what to do with. I juiced one and froze the juice. The other I dehydrated. I thought they may turn out a vibrant green. Instead they were a brownish color but still I thought they may be fine for potpourri.

Flash forward, I finally made the mujadara recipe my friend Ashley is always cooking up that makes my mouth water so. It is a simple meal made of items you nearly always have on hand: lentils, onions, rice. Really though the flavors are so deep and smoky you don't miss the meat (we are a carnivorous family indeed!).

So I made it last week and right away The Ogre and I decided to make it again. The only trouble was I had given Boo the bag of rice to practice funneling into a mason jar and much of it ended on the floor (leading to practicing sweeping, practicing pouring dirty rice into a Tupperware container, and practicing driving miniature construction vehicles about in the 'rice world.'

Anyhow, we were low on rice, but my cupboard are stocked with quinoa due to a bulk purchase last summer so I promptly googled "quinoa mujadara" and came across this recipe:

I was out of lemons so I swapped out for a dried lime slice. Excited to give the final product a try but the Ogre seemed to enjoy it when I was only halfway through (no caramelized onions yet) so I imagine it to be decent.

Any other ideas for my dried limes? (Bonus points if they involve quinoa)

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