Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glow2GO Review and GIVEAWAY

Ugh, trying to take pictures of self tanners is hard. I feel like you need physical proof of the color change, but then it looks all orange and it isn't! Or maybe I am just being overly critical. Anyhow, I was provided with a 20 pack of on the go self tanner called Glow2Go. When I went to meet a few fellow pasty friends for dinner I threw the pack in my purse. The box is small so it fit fine. 

After finishing a massive plate of nachos we loitered a bit and I remembered the wipes. I passed then around and we gave them a try. 

The first quality we noticed is that it doesn't stink! No fake beach smell. The wipe is soft and you almost can't tell you are putting something on. We took a before picture, wiped the product on our and, and cleaned off our hands for fear they would turn orange. Then we took an street picture. There was NO difference. A bit bummed we quickly moved on to another topic.

The next morning as I was making my coffee I noticed something strange. My arms were TAN! Now the package says 'streak free' but I don't think they tested it in bar lighting, or perhaps I washed my hands too well after the application, because there was blotchiness around my wrist. I honestly chalk it up to super sloppy bar application.
Awkward wrist pics
I asked my friend Stacey how her tan turned out. She said that she ended up getting lots of comments about her tan. No one knew it was fake.

I thought about redoing an application for better pictures but I honestly liked the look so much that I want to save the packets for when I can show off my 'tan' (as in when it is no longer freezing outside and I return to wearing less than fifteen layers each day).

If you think a little color would bring some sunshine into your life be sure to enter my giveaway.

2/9/2015: Randomly generated winner was Mrs. Crista 

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  1. Good luck to all the contestants. I'm not interested, thank you.

  2. I was very conscious of how I put the Glow2Go tanner on (even layer, not too thick on knees or ankles, etc.)...and it turned out great!
    (I used the lotion, not the towelettes like the peeps at the bar)
    I've used self-tanner before and knew to read the directions thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your sample lotion!

  3. Thanks for the great review! I've been wanting to try these for a while! I'm a new follower and looking forward to more of your blog!

    Melissa V.