Thursday, January 22, 2015

I AM Radiant!

The following post contains a review of a product I was given for free. All opinions are my own.
Some days you need a pick me up, a reminder, you need someone to compliment you, yes even if that 'someone' is a bottle of facial serum meant to bring youth to your face.
A few weeks ago my whole house was brought down by Influenza Type A. It clung on to me searching for any remnant of a soul. I hated missing work and so was trying to convince The Ogre I was better when I simultaneously 'didn't make it to the toilet on time' and the doorbell rang. Aw the flu, gotta love it.
But seriously God has some excellent comic relief because opening the package there was that message: "I am radiant."
Um, okay, I suppose the glisten of a 103 fever could be mistaken as radiance.
Needless to say I didn't touch this stuff until I was REALLY good enough to return to work.

'I am radiant' is a triple serum, containing argan oil (you already KNOW I love the argan), hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C. Quick note, that H.Acid actually moisturizes your skin. The word acid had me googling the stuff to make sure it wouldn't leave my face red, dry and peeling.
Quite the opposite I noticed my face stayed soft while using the serum. 

Most impressively I noticed the pores on my nose shrink to nonexistence. Well they weren't visibly existent. And my skin looked overall healthy!

I love the effects of argan oil, which this had, but argan oil doesn't close up your pores like this!

Don't waste your money on expensive spa treatments, this serum can leave you RADIANT for much less!

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