Friday, January 23, 2015

If you find yourself at a Pampered Chef party ... or, how to stop lugging those plastic jugs of laundry detergent home from Target

One scoop of this bad ish is all you need!
If you ask me to go to a party where I "don't have to buy anything" I probably won't go, because I know I am really supposed to buy something. My frivolous spending budget is close to zero. Well, the truth is that any spare cent I have I tend to drop on Monday night tacos, enchiladas at La Cabana or a hard cider at Ward 6. So, if you want me to drop $50 on Tupperware please know that I am mentally doing the math that $50 could buy a month's worth of Monday night tacos for my entire fam, which in turn equals a lot less dishes for me.

That said,  There is one awesome tool my friend Charity picked up for me at a Pampered Chef party. It is a hand held grater. Exactly like they use at Olive Garden,  and it has saved me a bill on laundry soap.

I mix a 1:1:1 ratio of grated bar soap (bought free or cheap with coupons) and the already reasonably priced Arm and Hammer washing soap (watch for sales to stock up AND the occasional coupon) and the again reasonably priced Borax. The machine requires a small amount, like a Tablespoon of the mixed ingredients for a whole wash.

The grating can get to your wrists if you have wrist troubles like I do, but since the recipe requires such a small amount you can grate it bit by bit. I have been known to bring the grater to social gatherings, along with some soap, and created a competition between the fellas as to who has the greatest soap grating machismo. This is the easiest way to grate it fast. Remember to act really impressed, and it can't hurt to bring your friend Gina with to bat her lashes (Thanks Gyn!).

I have started to save my soap ends and grate them in too. I used to use these little bits up until the last wash, but my brother in law gave me a hard time about it and I decided he was right (the only time THAT ever happened). (Love you Jarred!)

On a side note, if small soap ends bother you too AND you don't want to go so far as to make your own laundry detergent, then here is another use. Take some produce mesh, the kind grape tomatoes are stored in work best, and tie the soap ends in there.  This way you aren't dropping bits of soap out of your hands and you can work up an excellent lather. Kids love these for a bubbly bath experience. Don't buy grape tomatoes, our any produce packaged like that? Add it to the list of wasteful items you don't buy but others do (and toss) and ask them to pass it on to you instead.
Action shot snitches!
P.S. In an effort to keep up with laundry during house showings I started putting EVERYTHING together in one load. As soon as I have enough for a load (TWICE PER DAY!!!) I pile it in there and turn it on. If there are a lot of gentles I use the gentle cycle otherwise I just click it on 'colors' and wash away. I am really more concerned about the drying. If something is too gentle I hang dry, unless it is most of the load, then I use the gentle cycle. Sweaters and bras tend to be laid out to dry too.


  1. Who are these hunky, soap-grinding party-goers you're hanging out with?

  2. You make me want a more meaningful relationship with my washer. Thank you !