Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Step Above Coconut Oil: my newfound love for Argan Oil

My feet embarrass me. They shouldn't.  As feet they are functional.  They help me dance. They carry me as I carry my children. They have never thrown in the hat no matter how hard I push them through aches and pains.  Through the cold, thick with fascia, they are known to stretch up to the sky in the middle of the night and karate kick randomly in the hallway. Occasionally they blast me in the morning for getting up and berate me at night to give it a rest already, but still we travel on.
So I should love my feet. But I didn't. I let them get dry. So dry that I was embarrassed when they would brush against The Ogres legs at night.  Occasionally, I slathered them with lotion and put on socks but trouble spots remained.
Then I heard about Argan Oil. I Ordered a bottle of the pure stuff, Havens Arc Argan Oil You ever read the side of a lotion bottle? Filler city! My feet needed the real stuff. Havens Arc Argan Oil contains ONLY one ingredient. This stuff is pure! And 4oz Is a generous sized bottle. The bottle itself is tinted to protect the oil. One sniff told me this oil was fresh. The oil itself is a golden color with a earthy, nutty scent, nothing perfumed but nothing you would want to gobble up either. I hear there are fakes out there making dreamy smelling argan oil, best to stick with the real stuff. 
I am going to let you be the judge based on these pictures, but I will tell you this stuff holds up! 

For problem feet such as mine I recommend applying after every other shower. If you have dry legs apply on them too. And Keratosis Pilaris be damned! My friend Crista refuses to purchase special lotion for K.P. She refuses to pay for someone else's pee (uric acid), but I can't see anything she'd have against this! This (argan oil) scores a toxicity level of ZERO on  the 'Skin Deep' data base, whereas my prior go to lotion for treating MN winter skin, Amlactin, scores a 3-5 on the ten point scale. 


  1. Way to call out Crista for not wanting someone else's pee. :)
    Does it make your feet slippery? How long does it last?

  2. Nope. It is a dry oil, which didn't make sense until you try it. Basically it doesn't make things greasy. I even use it on my face with great results. I think it works best if you use it every other day, but everyone's skin is different

  3. Do you really think it would help with Jack's KP? I am forever trying to get those little bumps to go away!

  4. Laura, Is his KP worsened in the cold, dry weather? Mine is so this super deep moisturizing helped.