Thursday, January 29, 2015

Something is Missing in My Life

In selling our house the buyer's inspection concluded our microwave needed to be moved. Not enough clearance over the stove. The Ogre planned to move it back until closing but I think it will be good practice for microwave free living. The house we are moving into doesn't have a microwave and I am not about to spend money on an appliance that duplicates what the stove and oven can do for me, perhaps even in a healthier manner.

This is taking some getting used to. I drink instant coffee, one mug that lasts me the morning and I am known to nuke it four times. This week I traded out for organic chai and goat milk on the stove. A couple times I have poured my mug back in the pot and reheated.

We made French toast this week and I can't stand cold syrup. I put the little pitcher of syrup right on the skillet and it heated well.

Then there is getting food on our plates and to the table still warm. The kids like lukewarm food while The Ogre and I like it hot. Often we would just nuke our plates again right after sitting down. This is one area I have to perfect. With cleaning and setting the table, getting drinks, washing hands and saying prayers, those plates can be pretty chilly by the time the first forkful reaches my mouth. I realize I could set the plate in the oven for a bit however I am also trying to be mindful of my energy consumption.

I am enjoying this new challenge and The Ogre is surprisingly on board (unlike my anti fridge campaign from a few years back!).

So do you live without a microwave? Why or why not? Looking for punters on how you make it work for you.


  1. Toaster ovens are inexpensive at garage sales and are healthier than microwaves. I love mine! I got it after Carter's dietary changes (I'd never owned one before).