Monday, February 2, 2015

Flashlight review from the house of many flashlights

Flashlights are a staple in my house. We have gone through so many in the last four years. You see, we are night readers, and we have created two little night readers. When I was presented with the opportunity to try out a new flashlight I jumped at it. After all, I am sick of constantly replacing the things, and we can always use an extra. Right now we keep the standard lights in our cabinet, but they are constantly lurking under the bed or getting shoved under a pillow, so it isn't unusual for us to be doing the house apart in the evening trying to find an extra light.

The AYL 3 in 1 LED flashlight has it all. With a magnetic base, lights along the handle, and two colors of light (red/white) this flashlight is made for much more than late night reading. I am going to store this multi purpose light in the car. If the Ogre or I need to pull over on a busy road late at night, the flashlight can double as a flare. Just use the magnetic base and switch the flashlight to red along the handle for safety.

The flashlight is perfect for household repairs in tight spaces or odd angles. We have a corner sink and my husband had to do a repair for the sale of our house. He stumbled around in the shadows of the cabinet until I handed him the new light. Using the magnetic feature he was able to attach the base of the flashlight on any section of our sink's underside and direct the light towards his area of interest. We could have used this year's ago as a lantern at the floor of the cupboard just doesn't cut it once the top third of your body is in there blocking the light.

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  1. I also used the magnetic base to snag a bolt that dropped under the car where I couldn't reach, but that would mean it couldn't be used as a flare at that moment.