Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diva in the car

Boo was only one year old when we rented a van with the in laws and drove down to Tennessee without stopping. The four of us rotated driving and I envied my in laws as in between turns at the wheel they propped their heads up with cute little neck pillows while The Ogre and my heads lulled way off to the side, straining our necks and making our mouths hang all funny. Those pillows were so smart! But we don't travel often and I hate filling space with seldomly used items.

Enter the Air Comfy Travel Pillow. A sturdy pillow I was given to review that provides comfort on trips long and short and takes up little space.

Between a recent death in the family and our upcoming move we have been STRESSED in this house and quite lacking in the sleep department. So last week when we were driving to one of the memorial services I pulled out the small-enough-for-a-glove-compartment bag containing the Air Comfy Travel Pillow and blew the pillow up in 1.5 breaths! This for a woman who quit physical therapy after they made her blow up a balloon (I have like zero lung capacity!).

The part of the pillow you use to blow it up can close without taking your mouth off of it, so it stays super full. You know how you blow up a beach ball or flotation device and then take your mouth off and seal it quick but it always disappointingly deflates a bit? None of that here.

I was pleased with the feel of the pillow on my neck. It felt like I could truly relax my head and let my spine/neck decompress. And the fabric was soft, with small fibers that helped so it didn't freeze the back of your skull off if you left it in the subzero that is Minnesota in February.

Now the real trouble is keeping it for my own, because Boo is convinced it is a giant dog bone. Or, diva that he is, a face mask so he can cover his grasshopper alien eyes and get his beauty sleep .

***I received this product for free I'm exchange for this review. All opinions are my honest own***

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  1. Not just for car rides, the Thriftess uses it when Moo requires accompaniment in her bed.