Sunday, February 15, 2015

Compression Shirts: the yoga pants of 2015

Apparently compression shirts are also called rash guards? I preferred to read this as a product that guards against Goddess Rashes. As in, "Ugh, I got a bad case of the Goddess Rash after staying too long in the sauna!"
I was provided a compression shirt to review. To be honest I hesitated when I ordered it. I have so much workout clothes I don't even wear! But the excuse? This shirt would be an excuse to exercise! I submitted my order on Amazon. The shirt is supposed to fit tight so I ordered a medium, figuring a small may result in me liking like a seal (and thus show off my well earned blubber!)

The shirt arrived within the promised two days and I set it aside to go eat tacos with my API crew where I met Erin. Erin was friendly and we engaged in some small talk until she hooked me in by disclosing that she is a ToughMudder fanatic. She TRAVELS to ToughMudders with her own crew of GROUPIES! I asked her about how she trains and found out that I am not the only mom doing ultimate playground workouts. Oh how lonely the world had been. 

So, Erin whipped out her cell phone and showed me a pic of her at the most recent ToughMudder. She was wearing a... COMPRESSION SHIRT! I told her I had just received one free to review and she seemed impressed. Perhaps there was something to these shirts?

Well, I'm tough too, so I decided to slip mine on the next day. Guess what? I LOVED IT.  It fit perfect. I was worried it would be tight and sweaty, and though it was fitted it was also breathable. And soft! Did I mention how smooth and soft it was? The only downside is the constant petting I must endure from Moo. 

So now here I am, wearing this shirt nearly every other day at home. I occasionally wear it out too. With jeans, and a belt! You see, this shirt is so comfortable that I am trying to make it A THING. Wearing compression shirts when you aren't working out. Occasionally people comment about me being in shape when I wear it. WHAT?! It is the total yoga pants effect. Oh yeah, I am so in shape that it doesn't even make sense for me to wear those real clothes all the rest of you wear. I don't have time for that! 

But wait, the only workouts I have done since wearing this are trying to get my kids to dance along to the Gummy Bear song on YouTube (a good workout haters!) But don't give up on me yet. Next week I am going to rock that compression shirt while I move into my new house RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM A COMMUNITY CENTER (where I can work out), and RIGHT ON THE BUS LINE, where I can hope on the bus to meet Erin for workout wars at Turf Park this summer. 

I cannot wait! I really must get a few more!

Reading a book without breaking a sweat!

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