Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eating fish for breakfast

When I was pregnant I was told to take fish oil to increase my baby's I.Q. I started to take it religiously at that time and have been taking it daily ever since.
Research supports many different reasons for taking fish oil, but for me, as someone who works in the mental health field, it is all about the brain. This stuff is GOLD, actually reducing the occurrence of schizophrenia in young adults who have experienced an episode of psychosis. Just that is enough for me. Theres also the research supporting fish oil in lowering depressive symptoms and aggression in children. Then, of course, the anti inflammatory and skin benefits. This stuff is so good I have my kids eating a pill each day too. I started with the kids oil but didn't like the additives (corn syrup, food dyes, etc) so I started giving Boo equal amounts in adult form. He just pops it in his mouth and chomps it. Yuck to me, but the next best thing to a gummy bear to him.
Recently I was given a giant bottle of Earthwell Omega 3 Fish Oil to review. I am always concerned about mercury content in fish oil (though research shows even the 'bad' fish oil has more benefits than negatives) so was pleased that this oil goes through a distillation process to remove such impurities as mercury.
I just swallow the pills down so the true test was with the kids. I am very comfortable with my kids having fish oil. The bottle states that you should consult with your doctor with small children. (I say if your doctor isn't supporting fish oil for your children perhaps you need a doctor whose head isn't in the sand). Anyhow, the kids just pop these in their mouths and chew away as usual. When I first gave them the adult fish oil I instructed that they must close their mouths and bite down on the pill like a grape (otherwise expect oil splattering on their faces and elsewhere). Another tip is to keep your fish oil in the fridge or even the freezer, this will eliminate any fishy aftertaste. I have never experienced a fishy taste with the capsules, but heard other folks complain about 'fish burps' so it's best to avoid that discomfort.
Boo's review, with wide eyes, "These are so much better than the last bottle! These are as good as the red ones I used to get!" Yep, that's the reference to the corn syrup/artificial dye junk I once placed on his tongue. Yuck. I think I will stick to Earthwell and we shall all be pleased.

***I was compensated for this review with product, however opinions expressed are my honest opinions***

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