Monday, February 9, 2015

A Valentine's dinner that will make you say "Olive Juice"

Sometimes you really want pizza but don't want to spend the DOUGH (yuk yuk yuk) to order some. You can save money by making your own,  especially if you make from scratch. I will use premade crust or sauce if I get a good deal on it, but this Valentine's Day I encourage you to reenact the Apple pie scene from the movie Labor Day, WITH PIZZA CRUST. Here are three tips to make your pizza experience all the more LOVELY for this February 14th.

1. I took this yummy pizza sauce recipe and doctored it up for a homemade pizza tonight. When I say doctored, what I mean is I swapped some of the water for Olive brine, you know, the Olive flavored packing liquid those green pizza olives float in the jar. It was so yummy for my Olive loving palate. So whip up that pizza sauce with your lover and whisper "olive juice" with a wink. *

2. I was given these red silicone oven mitts to review and was pleased when they arrived to see that the texture on the mitts is made up of dozens of adorable little hearts. These give the surface a good grip factor and make them a perfect Valentine's gift for your hunny. The silicone is surprisingly heat resistant, much more than typical cloth oven mitts. **


3. If you really are too lazy to make your own pizza go ahead and pick up a heart shaped pizza at Papa Murphy's. They are delicious and afffordable, you will still get to wear your new oven mitts, and you can always use your extra time to reenact the scene from Ghost instead (you know the one! POTTERY WHEEL!)

*I have a bad habit of opening up a can of tomato paste, using a tablespoon in a recipe, and putting the rest in the fridge to remember (aka forget!) Now I FREEZE the leftover paste in mini reusable (baby food) jars. When I last made pizza sauce I found three of these in the freezer to use.

When Boo saw these he automatically flopped them on
"Woah, look how many milkers are on this cow!" and then proceeded to milk away.
the table saying,

** I received this product for free to review. All opinions are my own.

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