Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time for a swim party!

I heard the forecast for today was 35, negative 35. A BALMY -35. Naturally, I pulled out the swim ware.
Rocking the track jacket under swimsuit look (+camo!)

"Beach party," I informed the kids, plopping down a pile of beach towels, kid sized shades, the next couple sizes of swimwear from the hand me down box. The kids took it in, tilted heads, then proceeded to dress themselves. Boo pulled up his swim trunks, over his pants "It is too cold to take my pants off!" And Moo followed (swim) suit.

We have these swim parties at least once a year, around when we just can't stand the cold one moment longer. Besides, what else were we supposed to do? We had been invited to swim at a friend's hotel and once ready we were informed there appeared to have been a "biological hazard" in the pool area that made swimming there rather undesirable. Plus, I had been given a container of Sun'n'Fun Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen for Kids to review. With no fancy trip to the Bahamas planned, how else could I give the sunscreen a try?

Kids listening to me lecture on skin care
Boo tried this boat for a bit too
Once the kids were outfitted, they informed me this was no longer a mock beach party, rather this was A REAL LIFE EMERGENCY WATER RESCUE EXPEDITION! Quickly we hopped on our rescue boat (red sofa) to rescue Mr. Foot and Froggy Pillow from their capsized boat (Boo's bed). The rescue personnel paused to hear me explain the necessity of a stripe of sunscreen down their nose. I swiped some on Moo and Boo, and Boo made sure my nose was slathered as well.

Going to have to zoom in to see that striped nose
Let me pause here to tell you about Sun N Fun, but first let me this back a handful of M&Ms because if there is one side effect of this sunscreen it is making you crave the sweet stuff. You see, this sunscreen is chocolate scented, not all chemically laden tanning booth scented like most brands. In fact it doesn't contain all of those hard to pronounce chemicals either and the chocolate scent comes from real cocoa and vanilla! It is a full spectrum Sun screen with an SPF of 30 safe for most sensitive skins with ingredients such as Organic Marshmallow, Grapeseed and Raspberry to fight skin damage, Green tea as a protectant, kelp, rosehip oil and cucumber to moisturize and nourish, and tamanu oil which helps with dry skin and eczema. With all this you can bet it will be used for my WHOLE family, not just the kids. Plus it is thick without being greasy and it goes on smooth, which is great with my kids, who stay still for a whole .5 seconds for sunscreen application.
Boo swimming on the wood floor was slightly painful to watch

Moo treating Mr. Foot for shock
Okay now back to the previously scheduled program. I know everybody is wondering so I better update you, Once our noses were slathered with sunscreen we brought in the ropes and sailed off on our red couch rescue boat. HURRIEDLY hopping out of the boat we swam to the area where Mr Foot and Froggy Pillow's boat had capsized. Boo rescued Froggy Pillow from the depths of the sea while I performed CPR on Mr. Foot. After throwing up a lung full of water, Mr. Foot was wrapped in a towel and treated for shock Dr.Moo.


Oh, and did I mention the best part? None of us suffered a burn ;)

****As usual in my reviews, I was compensated with product, however my review is my own unbiased opinion!*****


  1. so cute. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our product :-) Sunny days are just around the corner and you are already prepared for the action.