Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When you have to shop: SAVE

Most of us are not totally self sufficient. We have to pay others for goods or services some of the time. A lot of our money may be spent repeatedly at the same stores and restaurants.  In these situations I recommend buying discounted gift cards when possible.  Right now is prime time for gift cards. Check out this list on "Pocket Your Dollars". Look through it.  Any restaurants you KNOW you will go to this coming year at least once or twice?
I am planning on Davanni's because I love their gluten free pizza. I already stocked up on Domino's (to be enjoyed with their periodic 50% off sales). Going to check into Acapulco as they usually have a deal too.

Maybe money is tight and you never go out to eat. If you ever go to Holiday I recommend getting a few of the $50 gift cards. Do the math (and don't be surprised if you see me buying a good half dozen).

I also recommend using Raise to get gift cards. I searched for all the stores I regularly use and set up alerts so that I am informed whenever a new gift card is posted. Seems like many people have the same idea because the grocery store and gas station gift cards are always sold out, but that is what the alert is good for. Today I bought a Cub Foods gift card. Only saved a few bucks, but the shipping is free and it is money I am going to spend any way. I also have purchased CVS and Walgreens gift cards at decent discounts. Plus every weekend there is a sale where featured cards have an additional 5% off. I have always received the cards in a timely manner and they are 100 percent guaranteed. (By the way, I just checked and there are currently three Whole Foods gift cards listed)

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