Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A keeping it real Christmas

This Christmas, inspired both by my good friend Gwen's annual Christmas card poem and by Mary Lambert's song "Secrets" I bring to you our first annual Keeping it Real Christmas poem

A Keeping it Real Christmas

It's December 16th
We've no Christmas cards sent
So I sit on the toilet
Reminisce how this year went

Boo-boy he reverted
To pooping his pants
Likes wearing frilly skirts
In which he can dance

He started Pre-k
Gained control of his bowels
Remains so inquisitive
Learning letters and vowels

Moo-cow she can't stand
She can't ride his schoolbus
Mom has thrown out her back twice
Trying to control Moo's fuss

We've tried strollers, the Ergo,
Tried the wagon and Mei Tei
Still Moo-cow screams and thrashes
When bus time is nigh

We love her so dearly
Making her opinion so clear
For this feminist mommy
A passive daughter was a fear

Beside all the tantrums
She really is sweet
She breastfeeds her baby dolls
And keeps all her toys neat

The Ogre continues
To work his twelve steps
But when he leaves for a group
He returns to a mess

He learned to control his anger
Coaching T-ball was a test
He attended a dad's group
We think he's still the BEST!

Our house was broke into
We can't get it sold
Our car was rear ended
Our garage? De-squirrelled!

Most days go decently
Long as mom uses her lamp
Gets her coffee, her pills
Then this place is like CAMP!

Mom started two new jobs
And then came this blog
She rarely sneaks gluten
So no more fibro-fog

This Christmas we tell you
Take a breath, take a rest
Days are long, years are short
And we're all very blessed


  1. Mary Lambert: "Secrets"

  2. I love that you have and continue to keep it real!

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