Monday, December 15, 2014

Let me help you get your bowels moving

I love getting paid to shop.  On Friday I got money back at Target. For better than free I "bought" a banana,  three chai teas, two Applegate kids snack packs, four pasta sauces,  four packs of noodles.

Yesterday I made money at CVS "buying" probiotics and at Cub buying Tabasco sauce.
Sometimes I buy things I don't need because I make money on it. Today I am going to buy Ducolax at Walgreens and will make money on that purchase. If you need Ducolax and live in the twin cities you can have it. Private message me, no judgement ;)

I plan to post On here when I MAKE money purchasing items and will tell you how. When I say make money I am taking pennies,  but I LOVE pennies.

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