Friday, December 5, 2014

A good (FREE) candy bar alternative

Right now on Shopmium you can get a dollar back for purchasing Justin's brand nut butter. This is quality nut butter worth the cost for a whole jar, however there are single serving packs too. I tend to skip meals and am on the go for my work so I picked up a pack of the dark chocolate hazelnut. Okay honestly I thought it would go good in a stocking but then it was there in my purse and I was hungry, so. ... I just ate it on the go! Because I am classy like that. Think of it as a sophisticated GoGurt.
Really though it is delicious and mine was 83 cents at cub. I submitted it for a dollar back through Shopmium so I was essentially paid 17 cents for this bliss. Pennies, yes, but I normally would have SPENT for a snack. I personally thought this better than a Reeses peanut butter cup and it killed my chocolate craving. If you have never used Shopmium it is an app where you buy a specific food item and get a set amount or percentage of the purchase price back. When you scan the item and receipt.   Sometimes you can get the whole price or above back and you don't have to wait until you get to a certain amount earned to cash out.  It pays you with every transaction. Also when you first sign up you get a free Lindt bar. These bars are yummy and a great stocking stuffer for this time of year. If you do sign up please use my referral code so I get credit: GMFEKEQL
One more note, the app often includes organic and natural selections and can be used At any retailer


  1. Whose stocking would that have been?

  2. My stocking. Can't have Santa leave me out ;)