Sunday, December 14, 2014

So they didn't take my cheek....

A few of you know I was going to sell my skin, or small pieces of it, for cash. It was going to be a good $200+/stitch, can you blame me? I went yesterday and apparently my cheeks are too baby soft and supple (that is my way of saying I only had one zit and they wanted people with zero Or 3+ zits), so I took the twenty five bucks they gave me for trying and secretly thanked the zit gods and goddesses for not blessing me this week.

However, before leaving, I noticed they are going to do another study. This one is for a moisturizer. If you live in the cities and want to make easy money check out the qualifications and call 612.781.3400

Good luck!


  1. I don't think $375 would cover the sex change operation I'd need to undergo to qualify.

  2. Patience dear. Your study will come. Hopefully it won't require stitches

  3. Should I be grateful (or not) that I qualify, agewise, for the lotion study but not for the cheek sample study...hmmmm.