Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spending (not quite) eight dollars on MYSELF!!

Women's Dearfoams Summer Fur Slide Blueberry

My feet are always aching. Our floors are wood and slate and the hard surfaces do a number on my feet. This is why I always wear slippers. When the wonderful pair of slippers I had needed replacing I naturally turned to the interweb and googled "slipper giveaways" and entered some blog giveaways. A couple weeks later my prize arrived: slippers!

Well, sandal slippers. They were decent but then it got cold and I needed a new pair. Luckily I found a pair under my desk at work. I had them stashed away from when I was pregnant and needed a respite from my heels. I brought them home and wore them for a good month before the sole and the shoe separated. After fixing it with various glues I finally tore them apart and threw them in the garbage. The BIG garbage... OUTSIDE... where I would not be tempted to pull them back out, glue in hand, to macguyver another fix. Flash forward two weeks and my feet are killing me. So I decided it is time to plop down $8 bucks of my hard earned online earnings to buy a pair of slippers with good reviews. This is how:

First of all I used Ebates. This allows me to get 3% back (pennies...they add up!). I then went through the Ebates site to buy these slippers from Sports Authority.
ALPINE DESIGN Women's Polar Ginger III Slippers -

I like these white ones, but in a review a woman said hers held up for four years but got dirty so she recommends the grey (which she bought ten of! That is SUPPOSEDLY how good they are. I am starting with one pair.

ALPINE DESIGN Women's Polar Ginger III Slippers -

 The shipping is free and the reviews are great. They are on sale for $9.99 and you automatically get 20% off right now.


  1. Weren't there any other slippers you were able to wear in between the pairs you mentioned?