Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday card hack for house staging

If you have ever tried selling your house you know it is important to depersonalize. If you have ever tried to sell your house in December you know that it is extremely hard to be festive while impersonal. Usually we plaster our kitchen cupboards with holiday cards as they come in. Not so this year. I stuck the first few on the fridge (I had removed all magnets but then there was the kids' thanksgiving magnet craft... The clutter is constant with kids! ) but I knew with showings I would not want to remove all the cards as the month proceeded. When Boo's balloon from his cousin's birthday party (more clutter! ) popped this morning I snatched the ribbon right up. I had an idea but of course had passed on all my ribbon in my decluttering. We have a side by side fridge. I taped the ribbon taught against the freezer and affixed our cards thus far to the ribbon. You can't see any tape and I will be able to remove the whole ribbon with showings. In a few days Moo's balloon will likely pop as well and I will add another row on the fridge side. 
The ribbon with tape before I applied the cards


  1. Boo and Moo, huh? Cute.
    PS - Taut has no 'gh'

  2. Truth be told I do most of these posts from my phone. Auto correct is incorrect! I appreciate the corrections though. Thanks