Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spry. Definition: active, lively, especially when referring to an old person. (Aka, a great product with a poorly thought out name!)

It has been OVER a week since I last wrote! In that past week the fam has expanded with the addition of an bubble gum smacking foster tween we shall call Hun. Hence, the lull in posts.

Also in the last week and a half the troop managed to all go in for teeth cleanings and we have continued our battle with allergies and colds. 

That said, this was a fabulous week to review my package full of goodies from Spry.

Spry's (not so) secret ingredient? Xylitol is a sugar alcohol effective in inducing remineralization of deeper layers of demineralized enamel and reducing dental caries. How does this work? Apparently your body perceives sugar when consuming xylitol and so produces excess saliva. Don't worry, you don't notice this, not like you drool or anything. And if you don't believe saliva is amazing, read Mary Roach's Gulp. (If I can find it I can lend it to you). Saliva is awesome (aren't all bodily fluids? No really though, read Gulp and you will get it!)

What was in my SPRY swag bag?

Xlear Spry Gum  Mine was peppermint, but it comes in five flavors including Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, Green Tea,and Spearmint.      
I didn't try it due to TMJ, but Hun has a mouth full of silver baby teeth and the doc found three more cavities so I let her chew it whenever her little heart desires. I figure there is more bad bacteria in our house now with the introduction of so much tooth decay so I let Moo and Boo go all out with the gum as well. Hun did state that the flavor doesn't last as long as other gums, but really she could chew it all day. Boo is a little more controlled in the gum department and hasn't complained of any flavor loss. 

Xlear Spry Mints- Again these come in many flavors but mine were Lemon Creme. As I was rolling my eyes at the childrens' gum obsession, I was secretly popping these little yellow diamonds into my mouth and TRYING not to chew. Hard for me to let candy or mints desolve but these were a bit textured (Think the rough outer layer of a giant lemon head) so my oral fixation was fed and I was able to enjoy the texture without a chomp. Again, Hun wasn't the biggest fan but I really did enjoy these and was happy to know they weren't sugar coating my teeth

Spry Xylitol Peppermint Toothpaste- No food dye! No flouride! A safe to swallow (aka kid friendly) toothpaste that I am actually okay with my kids using! I still will have them spit of course, they need the practice, but luckily the (majority) part that they end up swallowing won't be filled with nasty ish!

Spry Oral Rinse- When you read the ingredient list on this I swear you can hear angels sing. Again, no food dye (do you really want to rinse your mouth out with flourescent fluids?) And that smooth, just left the dentist feeling it leaves you with? I think it must be the glycerin, but if you ever made your own coconut oil based toothpaste (angels sing again) you know that glorious feeling. 

Spry Bamboo Toothbrush: Again, do you really want to be rubbing that hunk of colored plastic around your teeth and gums? Does the earth? I have a million plastic toothbrushes and I usually get them for free, so a total change would be a hard sell/adjustment for me but I do love this idea. If not for you then maybe buy one or two for the next generation (you know, your favorite little who is much more effected by toxins in their environment than you are). I noticed that Amazon does sell a Junior version. 

Xlear nasal spray: I forgot about this until I started writing the blog post and noticed the two spray boxes in the picture. Being that about 75% of the past few weeks I have not been able to breath through my nose and 24% of the time I have only been able to breath through one nostril, I decided now was as good a time as ever to give the nose a squirt. 2-4 sprays per side? I averaged it for 3 and am happy to report my mouth has been closed for the last few paragraphs of type here. I am breathing! (Says the lady who has fills tissues twice per hour with a thick bright orange something. Time to see a doctor? Hell no, I'm going with xylitol!)
Hun and her gum
One last thing....want to try Spry for yourself? Use this link to receive an even larger Spry care kit, values at $65, for only $25! But act now because come July this offer is gone.

***I received this product for free in exchange for my blog post!***

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