Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Getting ripped, my second fitness post today!

So I told you all about Fit Camp, but that is only twice per week and sometimes it doesn't work to make it. I can't just sit on the couch and wait for the next Tuesday or Saturday to roll around. So what do I do in the meantime? Let me introduce you to a few tools that help me prime my body all week long.

1. Hiit The Game by Stack 52

Anyone who knows me knows that I love games, even solitaire. And anyone who has tried to add an exercise routine into their life knows that it can get pretty routine (read: BORING) ESPECIALLY if you don't want to drop a bill for a gym membership/classes/personal trainer.

That is where Hiit comes in. Hiit, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, is a cheap and easy way to add variety and fun into your workouts. The game comes in a small box with a timer app that you can download for free on your phone.

You rack up points by completing rounds of exercise intervals in short bursts of high intensity work out. I have yet to play this in a group, but would love to give it a try. A group of my neighbors does early morning workouts at the lake nearby and I think I will try to talk them into giving this game a try.

As a busy mom this game is easy for a quick play before the kids get up or, more realistically, after I get them to bed.

There are over 100 exercises and as I get more familiar with them I plan to let my kids play alongside me. I am sure they will mess it all up and I will pretend they won, but hey, it is just another way to get my workout in while watching them.

Anyone know how to turn a pic in blogspot? Aigh, until then tilt your head ;)
And until I get to know all the exercises by heart, there are, along with a written description of each exercise, QR codes on each card that you can scan to watch a short video illustration of the workout (don't QR? there's a bit.ly too)

I also love that the cards are color coded according to which area of your body they are working out. You can make sure to get an all over body workout, or choose to focus intensely on one area.

Seriously folks, let me know if you want to come play this with me!

Yikes! All out of time! Will have to finish my list later folks. Stay tuned to hear about some super powered socks, muscle massage, and hydration!

Until next time, check out the Ogre playing Hiit while eating ice cream on YouTube!

***I received this game for free in exchange for my honest review***


  1. sounds like a fun and healthy game

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