Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Ogre is rough on his bike accessories. Well, not really that rough, but he uses the bike a lot, usually to lug around the trailer with the two tots, and nowadays even more as he has taken to adding on a second trailer for a third kid and/or groceries. I have a feeling he is "that guy" to some folks on the East Side. Like, there's "that guy" again, the one with the massive calves lugging the trailer train.

But back to the accessories.

When it comes to the father of your kids lugging your precious spawn around BEING SAFE is HOT!

And it was those very spawn, all limbs crashing about as they board the trailers, who have TWICE knocked the bike over and busted his headlight.

It was time for something heavy duty. And great timing too as I was given the opportunity to review a Team Obsidian Bicycle Safety Light  in exchange for free product.

Once the light arrived The Ogre gave me his feedback: BEST LIGHT he has ever had!

First off, his worry of this light busting is significantly decreased as, instead of the usual chintzy plastic that most things are made from these days, the front flashlight is made of sturdy metal. If our less than graceful children crash the bike over again there will be little to worry about in terms of replacement.

Notice also that I said 'flashlight' in the last sentence. The headlight, which affixes to the handlebars with a 'thumb screw' also can be removed (with a second thumb screw) and used as a flashlight, safety wrist strap and all.

The front light also has two modes: solid light or flashing light, and can twist to make the light beam wider or more concentrated. I asked the Ogre what he would use the different settings for and he stated that he would probably use the fine beam for as a flashlight and the wider beam for when biking to increase visibility.

The tail light affixes, also with a thumb screw, to the seat of the bike. The light is red and also has multiple modes. This light can be removed and worn as a belt clip. I love the dual uses for these accessories!

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