Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Mombod is upgrading!

I am a mom.

I don't expect 6 pack abdominals.

I don't expect a 4 inch thigh gap.

I don't even expect Michelle Obama arms (now THAT is one hot Mombod!)

But I do want to keep outrunning (while pretending I can't) my kids at the playground. I want to increase my pull up/chin up numbers (in healthy competition with myself). I want to have courage to sign up for 5ks without worrying I will turn beet red huffing and puffing while my friends have deep conversations without breaking a sweat alongside me.

But wanting something and getting something are two different things.

I have to act.

I have to work.

This is why, tonight, I am starting my second round of FitCamp (and you should too!)

A month and a half ago, a stranger stopped me while I was walking out of a meeting at work. (Okay, it was my coworker that stopped me, but she has worked there a year and a half and we didn't even know each other's names!) She had been trying to talk my FFCS (friend first coworker second) Jenni into attending the workout group with her. Jenni said her no loud and clear (and kind) and pointed at me as the next victim.

At first a bit worried about what this would entail (commitment, pressure sales, everybody judging the new girl with the puffy red face, flyaway hair, and outdated workout clothes) I quickly made my decision to go. Dana, the strangeworker (stranger/coworker), seemed really nice and genuine, and although I have had equally feel good vibes with new friends who brought me someplace too good to be true (these nights ended with me speaking in tongues and searching for the nearest exit) I decided it was time to take a risk, and I am happy I did.

The Fit camp takes place in a camp in North St Paul, and although many of the (super nice) ladies who run it distribute HerbaLife, there is NO (NO!) pressure to purchase the product. In full disclosure I do not purchase it, though I know several folks who have done well on it and my interest is slightly piqued. It is just a matter of finances for me...

Anyhow, the class starts the first day with an assessment (how long does it take for you to run or walk a mile, how many sit ups can you do in a minute, etc) that is completed again on the last day of class to track your progress. Rumor has it that this time the assessment will be totally different. Class meets twice a week (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) in a beautiful park right next to a playground where the kids are safe to roam and play (points to whoever planned that one out!)

Each week there is a different workout (intervals, zumba, one week was a teamwork challenge titled "the amazing race"...). It was a lot of fun and when the class was all done and we completed the final assessments I found I had gained 4 lbs of muscle! This was a huge accomplishment for me as I honestly only made it to about a third of the classes due to busy summer plans and the expansion of our family to include Hun).

I do hope to see you tonight! And be sure to get any details I may have left out (time, location, etc) by liking their HerbaChamps FitCamp facebook page

See you there!

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