Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day! A cheap, usable craft you can STILL do!

Boo was the biggest goof during this whole project!

I came across an idea for a craft I thought the kids would love to make for the Ogre.  I had given him a grill that I found with good timing on SlickDeals but I know those homemade gifts from the kids hold extra significance.

I told the kids what I was thinking and was slinked around the house stealithy creating the gifts (aka, we were so bad at hiding our efforts, but it is so fun to watch the kids TRY to keep a secret and surprise the other parent).

Boo and I made a quick trip to Goodwill, pretending to be spys on a time sensitive mission to locate men's tshirts, size medium. Joke was on us as apparently the Goodwill I chose has been reassigned an outlet store. This means that instead of any logic, all items are tossed in giant bin tables and you dig through them looking for a desired scrap. This was the perfect mission though and tshirts were chosen, with only one melt down by the youngest spy which took place under said bin table. We regrouped and purchased the two shirts (the third we snuck out of The Ogre's own dresser drawer) for a whopping 89cents (you pay per pound!).

Of course I washed the shirts first, then had the kids pick their own design or saying. We worked together to lay the tape down in the desired design/wordage. Not the thriftiest use of Washi tape, but I couldn't find the masking tape, so the washi tape WAS cheaper than going to buy a new role.

Hun is a serious little arteest!
After taping down the design the kids picked their own colors from our selection of patio and fabric paints and went mad with the paint, making sure to cover the area around the tape so it would show well once peeled.

24hours later it was ready to peel.
Boo's finished project, prior to tape peeling

They picked various hiding places around the house and shook with eager suspense until today, when we told them he could have his gifts early so he could wear them all weekend long! Good thing too, as apparently I can't tell a men's tank from a woman's tank and he got to wear that one at home on Saturday instead of in public or to work.

Happy Father's Day Ogre and all the other "Good dads" in the world. You are so important and so loved! Thank you for all that you do!
Proud of their hard work. Proud of their dad!


  1. These are really cute. Making them looks like fun, too!

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