Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to tell your chicken is done

How do you tell your chicken is done?

Well, naturally, there is an app for that!
Check out all that this app "does"

After reviewing a prior thermometer, but before passing it on to my friend Gina to award her for her awesomeness, it broke.

So I had to review another. Because Gina wanted one and she is awesome, got it?

I received the Redi Chek Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer in the mail, set it aside for a couple weeks of heavy vegetarian eating, and then remembered to grab it when we got a good deal on a couple packs of chicken legs and decided to crock pot em.

(TIP: Use the crockpot outside in the summer. It won't heat up your house, but it will be too hot for any bugs or animals to assault it.)

Check out this video of me unveiling the hallowed thermometer:

So, what happened when I probed the chicken? Nothing. I COULD NOT get my phone to communicate with the thermometer. The app would not work and I couldn't eve SEE the awesomeness I was missing.

To be honest, I think the whole app thing is a bit of a trend overkill. The poor app is only rated 1 and a half stars with many stating that they would go with less than one star if they could.

So, Gina, this one is all yours. Perhaps the ANTIawesomeness of this appliance will balance out some of your AWESOMENESS and leave your household a little more average. Oh wait, your household could NEVER be average.

It wasn't pretty, but it WAS tasty

How to tell your chicken is done, the old skool way:

 Cook it until the meat is falling off the bones and the sides of your crock pot are charred... or maybe it IS worth it to just risk a little e. coli in the name of flavor. I, for one, will be sticking to the old school dial thermometers for the foreseeable future.


  1. I always wonder when is it done. I always tend to cook it too much and it gets dry. I really need to get a regular thermometer and start checking it. I just use the old school method and wait until I can see its done...but then its usually over done!

    1. Have to keep a bottle of ranch near for that dried out chicken!