Friday, June 5, 2015

Gluten free made simple

I have been gluten free for roughly seven years. When I first started following the gluten free diet my friend Stacey took me on a trip to Fresh and Natural a few cities over and showed me how to find all the gluten free brands. 

A lot has changed since then and many of those first gluten free brands she showed me are showing up at my neighborhood chain grocer. 

Still, it is pretty easy to get duped.

Gluten can be hidden anywhere.

The other day I was behind someone in a lunch line trying to figure out if something was gluten free. She has celiac and the littlest bit may slide by with me but not with her. She told me she was pretty sure potato salad is gluten free, but I just don't trust these things.

Yep, cock that head to the right and you will see this mutha has 52,000 products covered.

I may not know how to rotate a photo on my laptop but I can look up the gluten content in that hamburger patty like nobody's business.

Check out some of my fave's:

Edy's Ice Cream. Same as Dreyer's. Is this like Erberts & Gerbert's and Jimmy John's? Why don't they just stick with one name. Did Midwesterners down vote Dreyer's as a brand name in focus groups? I'm going to have to wikipedia this one! Anyhow, I used the ice cream section when The Ogre returned home from the grocery store with three (four!) delicious containers of the cold sweet stuff. Including Strawberry, made with no added food dyes. Thank you Edy's!

Don't be confused by this page. My obsessive compulsive need to double check everything led me to the Cheeto page. WHAT IF CHEETOS SUDDENLY HAVE GLUTEN?!!!!

Oh so bummed when I only saw the Chili Cheese and flaming hot kinds listed. What about good ol'cheddar?

Phwew, there is a specific section for cheesy, crunchy snacks. Did you even know there were this many kinds of Cheeto's? I didn't. 

Ugh, just one more To Do list to conquer. ;)

Goya brand flours? I will have to price this out. My grocer carries that brand (Goya) in the ethnic section. I love to check out the ethnic sections for hidden gluten free foods and spices. Looks like I should take a glance and make myself some corn bread or tortillas this weekend! 

Well, I am getting tired and I could highlight my findings forever. (Snickers? gluten free! Yes!, Kix? Not on the list :(

This book would be great for a big purse lady like me, a glove compartment, the coupon bag (we all have one, right?...right guys?)

It is a helpful refresher to those not recently making the change to gluten free living
as well as to those just starting off. Those first grocery trips can be daunting when newly gluten free, so why not make the chore a bit easier with this detailed "cheat sheet "

Told ya! Snickers!!!

**This product was received for free in exchange for an honest review

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