Thursday, April 23, 2015

Disco Bike

Yesterday I arrived home at the same time as The Ogre and crew did.

I was coming home from work and they had just biked back from an Earth Day trash pick up at the Big Urban Woods. After parking their bike The Ogre and Moo came out of the garage. "Where's Boo?" I asked. "He wanted you to get him out of the bike trailer," replied The Ogre. So I entered the garage. It was dark in there.

 At first.

Then the rave began.

 Blue lights flashed. Red lights strobed off the back of the garage door. A rainbow of colors splashed against my irises. Finally I arrived in front of the trailer, where I spotted a dazed four year old, in his proud new Keens, stomping the bottom of the trailer, a slight grin peaking out from below his giant Nutcase helmet. He was in his glory controlling this rainbow.

Of course it never would have occurred to me to put the LED wheel lights on the trailer itself, but when I gave these to The Ogre he thought of his kids first.

The lights are small, maybe three quarters of an inch long, and they screw right on each tire. They don't flash nonstop, only with movement, as Boo had figured out and mastered. When not flashing they almost look like clouded crystals, neither blingy nor tacky. I love added safety features to the family's bikes, especially since we live in such a busy area. This feature added not only safety by making the trailer more visible, but also upped the fun factor for the kids.

My one complaint, and this is a big one, is that HALF of the bulbs didn't work. With six LEDs we should have been able to class up the trailer, The Ogre's bike, and my bike as well (two LEDs each), but with half not working we could only bedazzle one, keeping the odd LED for a back up. I did contact the company but did not hear back. Had they sent me out a new set I would interpret it as a fluke, especially if all of the LEDs worked. We shall see how long these work. I will try to remember to update. How about you... Have you joined the LED craze yet? What is your latest LED purchase. I am looking forward to redoing our lights around the house, just hoping they don't all burn out at once, because they can be spendy. If you find a good deal on LEDs be sure to post it on the facebook page or on the comments below. Peace!

**I was given the LEDs to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion**

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