Monday, April 20, 2015

How to clean your radiators and your sinuses in FOUR easy steps

Previous to my current house I always lived in a Forced Air environment. After doing research on the pros and cons of forced air vs radiant heat I was excited for the change. For a household with allergy and asthma concerns radiators were the way to go! Well, we moved into this house with an energy efficient boiler, and I must say, I love the cleaner air, I love the low heating costs, but the radiators themselves? 100 years of narsty! They are dust magnets and hard to clean.

That is, dear friends, how we come to this FOUR STEP HOW TO on radiator cleaning:


1. After getting kids to sleep send your husband out to forage (dumpster dive). Have him find this sealed oddball of the cleaning world.  (Next to a fully functioning in the box steam mop if you'd like. Just for kicks. Resale anyone?)


2. Unveil the wild haired cleaning stick and shove it around in your radiator. Still dusty? Spray a little warm water and vinegar mixture in those crevices and poke away. 



3. Get out your deceased father's lucky 99 Bananas golf towel turned your lucky rag  (always makes me smile when I grab this happy banana from the rag pile). Pinch a few drops of Pure Naturals 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade A cold-pressed peppermint essential oil on top of the radiator. Rub in with the happy banana. 


4. Inhale that wonderful pepperminty aroma, opening your sinuses and reaching  far into those lungs, while you admire the clean shine of the hulk of metal.

Seriously though, this peppermint oil smells great. It is not tested on animals (yay!). I think I will use it to make a salt scrub. Or maybe a DIY version of that vanilla deodorant. Anyone want to make them with me?
How about you, what would you use this peppermint oil for?

 By the way, I was given the oil in exchange for an honest review, but you can buy yours here

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