Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beware Fish burps!

You know it. I love fish oil. Every since I was pregnant with Boo I have been slightly obsessed with good fats. Turns out we need the stuff. Our brains need the stuff. Avocado,egg yolks, I used to avoid bananas even after I learned they carried a gram (GASP!) of fat. Oh yeah, toss me that bag of fat free gummy worms, this lady is banana free!

One glimpse at my hips will show you I have gone the other direction, but seriously my body feels much better with this cushion. And it's not just my body, it's my fat ol' brain.

Even my kids have huge heads. Shirts are an issue in our house where my kids are most often found to be sporting V-necks and button downs and at least once a week shrieks of panic fill our house. The type of shriek the tuned ear of a parent will recognize as only occurring when a not yet overstretched shirt becomes stuck around the eyes.

Were I a less considerate mother I may photograph the little urchins, flailing this way and that with their shirts all a twist. But I am not. So I remove their shirts, give the neck a good old stretch and the occasional snip with the scissors, and continue about my morning: making coffee in my press, boiling up a pot of oats and chia, and divvying out the daily allotment of fish oil.

Lately Moo has been on a bit of a fish oil stroke, precipitated by her obsession with a video (comedy!) of her spitting out a capsule of the stuff. She has the same comedic technique as her father: If they laugh the first time, repeat! (Well, he has two comedic techniques, the other of which is: If they DON'T laugh the first time, repeat! They must not have been paying attention!) Anyhow this morning Moo refused her fish oil (usually a treat!) and I heard Boo patronizing her: "If you don't eat your fish oil, you will not grow anymore! Ever again!" She wasn't buying it. Neither was I.

 I mean, I know she will keep growing, but I see what he was getting at.

Fish oil is pretty near a miracle drug.
Pregnant? Take fish oil.
Psychotic? Take fish oil.
Troubles with attention? Memory? Fish oil please.
Middle age? Fish oil
Old? Young? Fish oil
Alive? Fish oil
Dead? Don't worry about the oil

Aw,Boo is still gobbling up the fish oil though. Between learning letters, words and counting, growing big for his basketball career (self identified start date 5/3/2025), and building his brain for future aerospace developments, his only concern is when he can start having more fish oil. I promised him I would bring it up at his 5yr check up. The last fish oil I bought got less than rave reviews from the kids (remember the pill spitting incident I spoke of? ). They chew the capsules and have a pretty good rancid sensor. Now we have a fresh bottle. It is by ABCD Vitamins and the capsules are super potent with 1,000 mg of fish oil each. I'll be honest. I don't cook fish as often as I "should" so this fish oil is a must for my kids. But don't take my word for it, take his.

**I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review **

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