Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am a super heroine

According to my husband I have super powers. That may sound like a compliment but let me list the powers which The Ogre so kindly attributes to me:
  1.  A super sweater - Oh come on, just cause I have a few more hormones and have spit out a couple babies, after which my body went through some super sweat detox, the man thinks I am a sweat monster.
  2.  Super sensitivity to blood sugar changes - Ugh, it's true. If The Ogre ever croaks I may have to put this information on my Plenty Of Fish bio. Better to warn them right away.
  3. A freakish sixth sense of Electromagnetic Fields. 
Why did this topic of conversation come up? Well, long long ago ( a month) we lived in a small little plot in the city where we were outnumbered by squirrels 3:1. It was like a drawing by a first grader, where every tree had a hole with woodland creatures.

The grey squirrels were one thing. They minded us, and had cute little triplets each summer, throwing the ratios yet more. But then a red beast moved into our garage. We waged war on the creature, or rather tried to stand up to the little guy after he waged war on our sanity, stocking the garage full of green golfball walnuts and shaking his fists with an angry chatter whenever we dared to enter.

We tried to block him out but in he came again and again. Finally we got a live trap, which he was smarter then, and courted him with goodies for WEEKS (MONTHS?) before he finally succumbed to the trap. (Okay, actually two gray squirrels succumbed to the trap and we found a fully intact squirrel skeleton in the garage which is currently in queue to be cleaned up by the Dermestid beetles in the basement of the Science Museum of Minnesota, but the garage was squirrel free is my point. Details, details...)

So this was where I was at when I came across the opportunity to review a Multi-Spectrum Pest Repeller. That's right, a humane way to get rid of the pests you may have. The squirrels, the mice, the cockroaches, mosquitos, general creepy crawlies (House Centipede anyone? Blegch)

But here is the problem. The squirrels were gone.

My cat. Both being lazy because there are no bugs to chase and not being bothered as the Pest Repeller runs. Yes, she always looks this pissed
But maybe at the new house? No infestations here either. Just a few roly poly armadillo bugs in the basement, and they are my friends and decent protein for the cat. Oh yeah, and some spiders slowly making their way out, but spiders are GOOD! At least the little clear corner of the bathroom ones. And the tiny cute jumpy ones. But not the Wolf Spiders, anyhow none of those . . . yet

So what can I tell you about the Multi-Spectrum Pest Repeller?

I plugged it in. I tested the four settings. You can turn each of them on or off individually to customize the combo that works best for you. Although some house pets can get annoyed by the settings, specifically the Ultrasonic setting, my cat seemed not to care. However if you have a pet rodent they do specify not to use that setting.

The Ogre looks so innocent, there with cat in lap trying to think of ways to annoy me
My husband read into each of the settings, then played a game where he kept changing the settings and asking me if it bothered me. If it didn't bother me I would get annoyed and roll my eyes, but whenever he had the electromagnetic switched turned on I would flip on him to stop it. He hid this from me. I had no idea I was sensitive to this but he is thrilled. His wife has another super power! Put another badge on the cape...

***Any of my friends want to give this device a try to rid their home of a pest?***

*******This product was given to me free in exchange for a review.**********
*******All opinions are my own, of course, you couldn't make this stuff up****

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  1. Me! Me! Me! We have a major ant problem, does it work on ants?