Thursday, April 16, 2015

My love affair with the French press

You all know my newfound love for the French press. Perhaps you are already a press guru yourself. If not I found an excellent starter set for you. The Kitchen Supreme French Press Bundle contains a glass French press, three replacement filters, a coffee/tea scoop, and a fun stir spoon.

The glass press is both classy looking and user friendly. For us French press newbies the glass makes brewing a cinch as you can see where the water level rises to and place the filter right below that to immerse the grounds.

I haven't needed a new filter yet, but I love that I went have to hammer with finding a replacement for a long time. French press gurus, how often do these filters have to be replaced? Hoping  the the extras will last several months.

The scoop supplied provides me with the amount of coffee for my morning LARGE mug. Were I entertaining a morning guest I would toss another scoop in there. 

The stirring spoon is adorable, though enjoyed more by the kids than myself. When I am able to snatch it back I find its use clever. No sticky coffee circles from setting my spoon various places on the counter or table.  (Yes, my coffee is sticky. Though I do take breaks from adding sweeteners I always return. My coffee tastes have matured somewhat, but after The Ogre brought me a bottle of caramel syrup last  month I have been on another sweet kick).

I haven't used the press for tea yet but will certainly try it  when/if I run out of coffee. We stocked up on a deal when I ordered the French press. I do think all the details the Kitchen Supreme French Press Bundle  contains make it perfect to give as a gift to any coffee or tea lover you have an occasion to buy for. 
**I was given this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review **

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  1. I've never had to replace a filter, always managing to break the glass part within a year or two and making that what I have most often needed to replace. Bodum (brand) sells new glass beakers individually but they can be more costly than an on-sale entire press. xo