Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace review

Moo chomping those sore gums
I love Amber. From the ant filled resins of Jurassic Park to the aromatic resin I purchased from The Garden Of Eden and rubbed on my ears and wrists through high school.  I Am not sure then why I never purchased an Amber necklace for my children. Maybe it was just too trendy. Like that Damn squeaking giraffe every kid would chew while being wheeled around in their stroller. Ugh, I am such a parental minimalist. But teeth hurt. And unless you want to slip your babe some Tylenol, rub that scary mouth numbing cream on their gums, or let them chew your boob while all five million teeth erupt (it feels like five million if you go with the third choice) the Baltic Amber teething necklace may be worth a try.
Apparently the necklace releases a natural analgesic chemical, succinic acid, from the Amber, naturally relaxing babe. That is, if the necklace is real. The net is FULL of fakes.
It may seem a bit late to get a necklace, with Moo already two, but she had been really starting to chomp her hands and complain about the seemed-like-fifteenth set of molars that were erupting from deep within her jaw.
I ordered this Baltic Amber teething necklace in exchange for an unbiased review. Hmmming and hawing over whether we really needed it or if I should pass it on to a new friend's babe, Moo snatched the necklace out of my hand when it arrived in the mail. "My's" she informed me, passing up two other necklaces and in the box. She doesn't let me do her hair, so I was quick to agree to the necklace. Just like tiny wispy pigtails are cute so is miniature jewelry.
Now, Amber necklaces are supposed to be worn close to the skin so the acid can be affectively absorbed, but this necklace is not fitted. It hung on her neck, and although her collar is petite like the rest of her (okay, fine, Her noggin isn't petite ) the only one of the family it fit correctly on (snug to the neck) was myself. I couldn't quite get it on The Ogre, though I did creep up behind him at his computer and try to fasten it on, his neck is just a tad too SOLID for the necklace.
Another concern is the clasp. The clasp appears to be a synthetic bead colored like amber,which makes sense, but it isn't the quick release style I see on so many infant geared neckwear. This isn't a concern on my two year old,  but on some children, particularly infants, the risk of tangle would be too high for my comfort level. 
Given this list of tests to determine if the Amber is genuine I would guess this is the real thing. My Moo loves it and I plan to let her continue wearing it, past the last tooth, or until she gets bored, at which time I just may claim it for myself!


  1. Moo looks 100% like her daddy in that last picture.