Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DO NOT chew well

You should know by now that I LOVE fish oil. I care about my brain and want to nourish it and fish oil is one of the best ways I can. When my bottle of Omega 3 Supreme fish oil capsules arrived from Amazon I popped them in the fridge as usual. This helps keep any fish oil taste from seeping up into your mouth, which is unpleasant,or so I hear and witnessed,because when I opened the bottle for my kids and I to try them this happened. The Ogre thought that might give a bad review but I disagree. My kids like to bite right into the capsules and I know other children do the same, so while it is good to know if a capsule doesn't stand up to this (or rather if one's tastebuds don't stand up to a certain capsule), this says nothing about the typical adult usage of the supplement. My experience with Omega 3 Supremes has been positive. I like the round (non horse pill) shape of the capsule. Unlike most fish oil supplements I feel like I may have perforated my esophagus post consumption. I Also appreciate that the company specifies the source of their fish oil (Wild Alaskan Caught Pollack ) so that I can check the environmental impact of the fishing practices on the Monteray Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (good! ). Now if I could only get the Ogre to take fish oil too. I would love your comments telling him why he should ;)

 **I received the product for free in exchange for my unbiased review. **

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  1. That video makes me giggle. Readers: make sure to click the link up there where it says "this happened."