Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Coffee Secret

My coffee secret?

Do I have to tell you? It is so embarassing!

Okay, here goes.

Up until two weeks ago I was drinking instant. I loathe appliances. They are tacky. They have cords. They take up counter space. Most of them try to make life simpler and if I wanted a simpler life, well, let's just say a lot of things would be different. I wouldn't have kids. I would have a favorite television show. I would rent my house and have a self propelled lawn mower. But that isn't me. So instead of a coffee maker I did the foodie unthinkable and used... INSTANT! 

Something had to change. 

Three days before Easter my Folgers instant ran out. (Photo for illustrative purposes. I  recycled that mofo Thankyouverymuch)

Perfect timing as I was having the family over and had just ordered a Francois et Mimi double walled French press. 

I asked my mom to show me how it worked and she passed the duty on to my Aunt LC. LC as in Lucky Charm (not sure if she wants her real name used).

LC is a sweetheart of an Aunt. Always calling you hun, and using these adorable little sayings in her gentle Irish accent, then dropping some cynical comment that sums up what everyone has been thinking but wasn't sure how to say. If she were coffee she'd be dark roast with a swirl of wildflower honey AND a raw sugar cube. Hold the milk. 

I tell you this so that when you watch my YouTube video and mentally critique my husky monotone (or the black scotch marks on the bottom of my saucepan) you will know it wasn't supposed to be that way. The video was supposed to be magically delicious but LC was ill on Easter. My uncle was an excellent, though camera shy, teacher of all things French press so I give him cred for my FP skillz yo. Shout out to Drain Drain the bathtub I'm Drowning! Aka unc' DDBD. Oh dear, I really am tired aren't I?

Anyhow, I  Really do recommend this French press. If you are still drinking instant IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! If You have a plug in coffee maker clear up the counter space and move in this beauty. This particular French press is big enough for several cups. The double wall keeps the contents hot but doesn't burn your hands when yOu handle it. 

And don't forget... those grounds are compostable! 
**I  received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review**

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