Thursday, July 9, 2015

The $13 solution for stopping your toddler's pinching ;)

Today, after Boo's soccer practice, Moo had become Pretty emotionally disregulated. She was tired, bedtime was going to be late, and she is working on eliminating her nap (sob! )

We bought a Prius when our family expanded last month and, though much roomier than the Aveo we had touted the two children in, it still isn't what you would call spacious for three kids in the backseat. 

So it made sense that Hun was concerned about having to sit in the back seat right up next to Moody Moo.

When Moo is moody she is known to turn her hands into little weapons, flailing about to hit, scratch and pinch. Telling her to stop is a useless feat, instead she needs to be told what TO do. 

Happily cradeling the Zenit shaker
Today this problem was solved with a Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker. Instead of saying, "Don't pinch your sister! " I was able to positively engage her with reminders to "shake that egg! "
Shaking her egg containing fist at the birds. (AKA: NOT pinching!)

She loves the shaker! 
The perfect size, it fits right into her fist. 

A fan of all things musical (batteries don't count! ) this is a great starter instrument that teaches kids how to keep a beat without wreaking havoc on their parents' ears. 

I love that this version is made of wood, making it a more environmentally friendly option than the plastic type I have purchased for gift giving historically. 

The wood is a solid birch,  and withstood even Moo's teeth, something the lightweight reed covered shaker egg we already had at home certainly couldn't do.

Shake on!

Moo, self occupied while refusing bed time on a day she napped!
***I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review***

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