Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crayon Cubes

Word of the day: CUBOID

Look it up.

Apparently I have been offering my guests ice cuboids all these years.

Time to make it right with my new ice CUBE tray. You know, one that actually makes CUBES!
Hun has been wrestling with the stiff cuboid trays in our freezer and struggling to squeeze the cuboids into the small mouths of our water bottles.

I set one tray in the freezer for her to use when in need of a cold beverage. The silicone makes the ice easy to remove for  her and keeps me from slipping over rogue cuboids on the kitchen floor.

But we don't have a ton of freezer space, and the Kuuk ice CUBE trays come in a pack of two. So what do with the other tray? 

Boo suggested we freeze square ice buttons for our next snow person but that isn't exactly needed tomorrow. ..

So we decided to make CUBE crayons.

Hun had never molded her own crayons before so I let her lead this project.

First she found the smallest crayon pieces and piled them into the empty cube molds. I  bit my tongue when she chose not to put as many crayons in there as you would need for a full cube once melted and decided to be okay with what I knew would be square crayons.

We waited several days for a scorcher. I wanted the sun to melt these crayons to increase the green score of the activity but the sun wouldn't cooperate so I ended up coaching the kids through the toaster oven method. We started at 400 degrees but turned down to 350 after the oven started to smoke.

Once melted Hun choose to carefully stir each square of melted crayon with a toothpick.
We let the tray cool then I threw it in the freezer to firm the crayons up.

The crayons popped right out after a short (ten minutes? ) stay in the freezer.

The kids love learning how to manipulate the new shapes and we saved another small pile  (The crayon  stubs) from ending in the landfill.

Mission accomplished!

**I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review ***

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  1. So are you mad that you made these instead of lego men crayons? I'm betting you are!