Thursday, May 14, 2015

Two baby product reviews: one fun, one practical

One of my favorite bits of advice during my first pregnancy had to do with how to make nights easier with a little one. I was given the advice to put several layers on your baby's crib mattress (put a mattress cover or pad and cover it with a sheet and then repeat that a couple times to. This way your mattress would be covered in this pattern: mattress cover, sheet, mattress cover, sheet, mattress cover, sheet). Then, when Baby wets through their diaper (happens more than one would wish when you choose to cloth diaper) you would only have to take off one sheet and mattress cover combo layer and underneath will be another set all clean and ready to go. 

The truth is I never had a chance to use this tip. With my first child I was cosleeping pretty much from the beginning and with my second child I didn't even bother setting up a crib. I still think it makes a lot of sense though, for those families who chose to crib their kids. The same technique could essentially be done in a toddler bed or even in the bed of a child in the midst of potty training. Anything to make life easier after having a little one. 

I am attending a baby shower this weekend and so was happy to receive a mattress cover to review for free.The Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector by Swaddlez  arrived just in time for my lucky cousin. I love that it is made out of bamboo (renewable!) and upon close examination I could see that the weave and stitch were of high quality. The corners are fitted and not plastic. I have had plastic edged mattress covers before and they don't stand the dryer. Trust me, new parents do not need to be worrying about washing instructions! 

Just a mattress pad would be a boring gift though. Practical, necessary, thoughtful, but boring. That brings me to my second review: the fun gift! Years back I found this instructional for a simple bandana style drool bib. I thought I could whip a few up but I never made the time. I was thrilled when I came across this multipack of super cute, bold patterned bandana bibs. I was even more thrilled when they arrived and I could see the great craftsmanship close up. The patterned fabric is sturdy and of high quality. The back of the bibs are super soft, soft enough to wear against skin. These would make a perfect photo opp with a pair of Levi's and no shirt. You could throw in a stem of grass in the pucker just for laughs. 


Babies teeth at different times and come in different sizes to begin with. Luckily, the bandana bibs are adjustable and can be snapped on in three different sizes, I'll call them small drooler, medium drooler, and big ol' meaty drooler.


They come in a four pack, which I love, because this way I can buy them to keep in stock for the baby showers I'm invited to or when a friend has a new little one. I'll just pick the right one out for the new mom's tastes and tuck it in the gift as a fun extra. It could really brighten up a boring baby gift of nipple cream and burp cloths! 

How about you? What was one of the best tips you received when you were expecting? 
Or what is YOUR best tip to give a new mom?
Any stand bys you fall back on when it comes to baby showers? 
Have you ever had experiences where you plan to make something then just decide to buy it instead?

Don't look so nervous cat, I SWEAR it's a gift!
**I received product for free in exchange for my honest review!**


  1. If the person has multiple showers (local relative shower, work shower, church people shower, etc.), then I tend to just get a giant box of baby wipes and put a gift card in with my note.

  2. If the person has multiple showers (local relative shower, work shower, church people shower, etc.), then I tend to just get a giant box of baby wipes and put a gift card in with my note.

  3. Additionally, the front is longer than the back, so even if your kid spits or spills a larger amount of food, it won't end up in their lap.

  4. thanks for your post. I am pregnant, I think my baby will like this product. I will buy it.