Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hooray Hoorag

After a long evening of intense conversations I commissioned The Ogre to assist in my review of the beloved Hoo-rag.
I I love the Hoo-rag but honestly I wear it as a head band every time, and I was not in the mood for photos. 
So The Ogre agreed to try a few styles out for me. I love this guy. 
The Hoo-rag is available in dozens of patterns. I  Like this pattern aesthetically and  think it makes a great yoga head band
 What's nice is that the Hoo-rag doesn't have a seam to muck up your look. 
I have an extra one to give away. 
Please leave a comment telling me how you would wear your Hoo-rag and why I should give it to you. 
Of course YOU can go ahead and buy your own in the style of your choice HERE:


  1. First, I love the modeling skills the Ogre has. Job well done, sir! Second, I always see people wearing things like this and think they are so cute but I don't know how to make it look good on me. I would likely rock out a headband but would have to try out each look the Ogre has presented before committing to just one look.

    1. If you tried out each look would you post it? Are you coming over Monday? We could do a fashion/modeling show!

  2. Torn between "bad breath concealer" and "karate kid". I want one!